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Survey of patient waiting room satisfaction

1 August 2006


Patient satisfaction is important to the success of any medical practice. Although there are many factors that impact a physician's approval rating, one of the keys is the waiting room experience. The purpose of this study was to determine if adding a classic arcade game to a pediatric waiting room would improve patient visit satisfaction. The study was implemented in two parts. The first part of the study involved obtaining a baseline of office visit satisfaction values via disseminating a patient satisfaction survey. The second part of the study was accomplished by adding a classic arcade game to the aforementioned clinic and taking another set of patient satisfaction values through the use of the same survey .

The results of the study validated the hypothesis. Overall patient satisfaction improved with the addition of an arcade game. Specifically patients noted a decrease in their wait time as well as well as a total increase in patient satisfaction. Another area of improvement was in the perception people had on video games.

Throughout the experimental phase of the research there were numerous positive remarks made to the staff and the author about the experiment. In conclusion the results of the experiment validated the hypothesis.


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