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Test/retest reliability of four sensory organization standing balance tests

1 May 1989


The test/retest reliability of time and quality scores of four standing balance tests was investigated to determine the stability and consistency of these tests. Two groups of 10 subjects were tested: Group 1 included persons with a diagnosed balance disorder and Group 2 included age and gender matched normals. All the subjects were female and their ages ranged from 24 to 65 years old. The four tests examined were: Test 1, standing on one leg eyes open (SOLEO); Test 2, standing on one leg eyes closed (SOLEC); Test 3, classical (Romberg position) clinical test of sensory organization of balance (CTSIB) with six subtests; and Test 4, sharpened (Romberg tandem feet position) CTSIB with six subtests. Test scores were analyzed using Spearman correlation coefficient. Test/retest reliability was found in time scores of visual conflict subtests of Test 4, the sharpened CTSIB, for both subject groups. In Tests 1 and 2, SOLEO and SOLEC, these tests were found to have low test/retest reliability. In Test 3, the classic CTSIB test, reliability was inconclusive due to the low variability in the scores.


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