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Performance based assessment: Effectiveness on national, local, and classroom levels

2 December 1996


Performance based assessment is a viable method of assessment, but only in individual classrooms. The implementation of performance based assessment on a school-wide or national level is expensive, creates massive paper work, and fails to provide standardized measures of knowledge for a cumulative result scale.

The literature, for the most part, supports performance based assessment, but does not address the practicality in school systems. Performance based assessment is a marvelous idea and looks great on paper, but the actual process falls short of expectation.

School officials find performance based assessment positive on many levels, but the negative aspects outweigh the benefits of the system on anything larger than a classroom scale.

Information on performance based assessment is easily accessible and readily available through a number of educational magazines. Internet access to information is possible, but difficult to pinpoint exact sites and specific information. Also, information negating the benefits of performance based assessment is much more difficult than finding supporting information.


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