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A feasibility study of a binocular modification of the standard OEP 21 point exam

1 April 1981


In order to evaluate the feasibility of a binocular modification of the standard OEP 21 point examination sequence, nineteen fourth year clinicians from Pacific University College of Optometry were exposed to the proposed exam routine. The binocularity is obtained by using a -+1.00 "occluder" lens rather than an opaque occluder on any of the tests which are normally done monocularly. The clinicians were asked to respond to a questionnaire when they felt they could adequately evaluate the binocular exam routine. The responses were extremely favorable. The subjects indicated that the routine would be useful for examining many different types of patients. Some of the subjects indicated that this routine could replace the Polaroid binocular system now used. The routine requires no special equipment and is readily adapted to current exam sequenses. This monocular fogging technique shows promise as a possible binocular refraction routine.


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