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Vision therapy revealed: A guide to select vision therapy procedures

1 May 2004


Purpose: This project consists of video presentations of several vision therapy techniques. The purpose of this project is two-fold. First, we would like to provide optometric interns with an example of how vision therapy procedures should be performed when working with vision therapy patients. The second purpose of this project is to provide vision therapy patients with video samples of techniques being performed. It is hoped that vision therapy home compliance rates will be increased by using the video presentation as an adjunct to home therapy.

Methods: Vision therapy experts were surveyed and several vision therapy techniques were chosen to be included in this project. After researching a variety of techniques, select vision therapy procedures were scripted, filmed, and edited into cohesive video presentations. Optometry students were used as actors. The videos were created using a digital video camera and digital video editing software.

Results: The therapy procedure videos have been assembled into two DVD collections, to be used in the education of optometric interns and for vision therapy patients to reference from home, should questions arise during home vision therapy. This section also includes a discussion of problems encountered throughout the film making process.

Discussion: This project will provide student optometric interns with a practical resource outlining how various vision therapy techniques are to be performed and utilized in a clinical setting. It will also be used in vision therapy clinic as a guide to patients during home vision therapy.


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