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An evaluation of alumni connectedness at Pacific University

26 July 2004


The current study was conducted for the Pacific University Alumni Office (PUAO). The study investigated alumni connectedness at Pacific University (PU). The PUAO had noticed that alumni who graduated from certain decades seem to be more connected to PU and alumni residing in certain regions seem to attend more PU events in their local area. Therefore, the current study examined alumni by decade of graduation (in Portland metropolitan area) and region (as provided by the PUAO). Telephone interviewing was the primary method of data gathering while a focus group provided supplemental information. A major theme for decade of graduation seemed to be that older alumni ( especially those who graduated in the 5Os and 60s) were more connected to PU. A major theme for alumni residing in different regions was that just because alumni were distant from PU did not mean that they were less connected. The Pacific, PU's official magazine, and other mailings are the most important factors in helping alumni feel connected.


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