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Using PHP for Websites: Creating a Dynamic Interface in Theory and Practice

1 November 2001


Many of you have created web pages. Many have not. This article isn't geared toward either group. It is meant to be an article that might persuade those who haven't created a website to make one, and those who have to further their web skills. If you have any experience with HTML, you are capable of doing what we are going to cover shortly. If not, you might pick something up or might be able to have your IT person help you along the way.

This article is hosted at The Berglund Journal, which has used the methods I will describe below. My hope is that from reading this article, you too can use the power of PHP to make your web building go much faster and be more efficient. This article centers around one of the many possibilities of PHP: designing an interface for your entire site that you can change by only modifying a few files.

I encourage you to read this article, play around with PHP and create. Go check out some PHP books from the library or even buy one. You could also check out as it is the best resource for PHP online, and best of all, it's free!


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