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Teacher/coaches in today's secondary schools

1 November 1994


This qualitative inquiry examines the job of today's teacher/coach. It begins to address the problems and/or benefits of a single individual being responsible for carrying a full-time teaching load as well as coaching an after-school, extra-curricular activity such as band, debate, drama, language clubs, or more specifically for the purposes of this paper, athletics. The related literature in this realm of education was very indirect. Two books, however, Sport in Contemporary Society by Dr. Stanley Eitzen and Sport Inside Out by Mr. David L. Vanderwerken and Mr. Spencer K. Wertz, as well as several periodical journal readings in the areas of sport and education, were especially helpful in understanding the world of those who teach and coach and, in a small part, what it takes to be successful as a teacher/coach. In addition to the literature, class observations, personal interviews and athletic field observations were used in determining the roles and importance of teacher/coaches in today's secondary schools. In essence, I found that while no job in the field of education is simple, a good teacher/coach carries a responsibility far and above that of a mono-modal teacher.


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