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Peak eccentric torque of the thigh musculature of elderly adults and its relationship to a functional test

1 May 1993


Twenty elderly adults (aged 65 to 86) participated in a study to determine peak torque values for eccentric isokinetic contractions of the right hamstrings and quadriceps and to examine the relationship between peak torque and a timed descending stair test Eccentric testIng at 30 degrees per second was performed on the BIOOEX isokinetic dynamometer. The mean peak isokinetic eccentric torque produced by the hamstrings was found to be 42.25 ft-Ibs (SD= 18.65). The mean peak torque produced by the quadriceps was 80.14 ft-Ibs (SD= 34.17). A negative correlation between the timed stair test and the peak eccentric isokinetic torque of the hamstrings (r= -.178) and quadriceps (r= -.344) was found. As the peak eccentric isokinetic torque values for the hamstrings and quadriceps increased, the times for the timed stair test decreased; however, these results were not significant at p < 0.05.


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