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[Pn. 5] Bypassing my Identity: My Life as a Queer Fatshionista before and after Weight Loss Surgery

19 October 2013


This poster presentation intends to look at my journey before and after weight loss surgery. Before having a gastric bypass surgery, I was well entrenched in the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement. I was a part of the Fatshionista community, and carried a “Fancy Fat Femme” sign on the Boston Dyke March. In my graduate school, I served as president of a size-positive group. But after a series of medical diagnoses and three doctors’ opinions indicated I would be eligible for weight-loss surgery, I had to do some soul searching. This poster will use bits of my poems and journal entries to form a narrative of my experience, through the preliminary psychological screening and support groups, the dietician visits, and finally, life after surgery. I’ll explore my own understanding of my body through a fat studies, queer theory lens; and how the medical model tended to subvert my thinking. Finally, I will consider how the weight-loss surgery community might benefit from a HAES perspective.


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