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A study of computer-assisted music theory instruction: What is best for third and fourth grade children?

26 June 2002


This project investigates if the use of computer technology is as effective means to teach music theory to third and fourth grade students. In 1999, a pilot project began the study, concurrently with the investigation of an abundance of studies on computer-assisted curriculum. Observations and data collection occurred during the months of February to April of 200 1. The findings conclude that computers may be beneficial in the elementary music classroom when used at the third and fourth grade levels. When students learn at the computer, they do so by layering skills, which enables them to quickly reach higher, creative thinking skills. Learning music theory at the computer is an efficient and effective way for third and fourth graders to reach a higher level of musical awareness. Ultimately, computers can teach third and fourth grade children about music theory, however, learning music theory at the computer can teach children how to apply music theory to creative musical expression.


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