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Establishment of video-based case library of various nerve palsies and other oculo-motor nerve dysfunctions

1 May 2004


This project was designed to start a video-based case library of various oculo-motor dysfunctions. These digital video cases will be made available to the faculty and students of Pacific University. Six existing VHS and Hi-8 videos of patients with oculo-motor dysfunctions and nerve palsies were digitized using digital video technology. These cases were then transferred via firewire cable to Macintosh Computers running imovie 3. All six cases were edited to include pertinent clips, titles, transitions, relevant case history, diagnoses and special effects. Finally, these edited cases were downloaded to iDVD and written onto DVD discs, to be viewed on any computer through iDVD or converted to mpeg format and viewed through Quick Time. Cases were formatted during the editing process to facilitate a presentation to students and doctors. Pertinent case specific information, and testing procedures were presented first, followed by a brief pause for diagnosing. The proper diagnosis was then presented at the end of the video. A general overview of each diagnosis was provided in a Word Document and written to the DVD as well. This overview details the condition in an Etiology, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan format in addition to including case specific information.


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