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Optometric trends in sports vision: Sports vision utilization entering the new millenium

1 December 2000


Background: Sports vision is a relatively young and dynamically growing field of interest that has yet to reach its full potential. Vision is a key ingredient to performance, and high school, college, and professional athletes look to vision care specialists to help them achieve high levels of performance.

Methods: 735 optometrists, 255 universities and colleges, and 137 professional sports teams were surveyed to obtain a cross-sectional view role of the vision care specialist in the expanding world of sports.

Results: Optometrists felt there is still room for growth in the area of sports vision. Contact lenses are preferred to spectacles, and soft contact lenses are preferred to rigid lenses. College and professional teams are open to new technologies that will improve performance.

Conclusions: Since the establishment of the American Optometric Association Sports Vision Section (AOA-SVS) twenty-two years ago, advances have been made in the utilization, knowledge, and practioner's role in sports vision. The area of sports vision continues to expand and there is still an unmet need for vision care and screening service at the collegiate and professional levels.


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