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Second annual quality management assessment essential health clinic

1 August 2003


A second annual quality management assessment was performed at the Washington County Essential Health Clinic. Elements evaluated in the assessment included patient and volunteer satisfaction, compliance with HIP AA policy regarding medical records, reevaluation of patient demographics, and health presentations that deemed the patient not applicable to be evaluated by a provider. Results showed a high patient and volunteer satisfaction with clinic function, mid the patient database reports redefined EHC's patient population. Also, a gaps analysis demonstrated EHC's· initial compliance with Washington County's HIPAA policy, and documents were created to place EHC in compliance with the Privacy Policy, including creation of a HIPAA Procedure Policy. Data collected for patients unevaluated by ERC was of little value and did not demonstrate any specific trend. This study recommends that a follow-up QMA be performed in another year, to assess clinic progress and compliance, and also to more formerly address those patients who were not evaluated by an ERC clinician.


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