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The Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure: A recognition subtest

27 July 1990


A Recognition Subtest for the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (RCF) was developed. The study involved four groups of subjects. The first three groups were matched, each comprised of 30 brain injured, psychiatric, or matched normal subjects. The subjects were matched on age and education, and equally weighted for sex (15 male, 15 female). The fourth group was made up of 104 normal (unmatched) subjects. Each group was administered the RCF and the Recognition Subtest using the Meyers-Lange procedure. From the scores on the RCF and the Recognition Subtest a one and two Function Discriminant Analysis was computed. Cut-off scores from the Discriminant Analysis Linear Equation for group placement was developed, and cut-off scores for functional impairment were also presented. The results indicate that inclusion of the Recognition subtest did improve the group discrimination ability of the RCF. The functional cut-off scores also showed promise for clinical use. The clinical implications and limitations of the results as well as future development of the recognition subtest were discussed.


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