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Sexual arousal patterns in admitting and denying sexual offenders

24 July 2000


Upon initial clinical evaluation, sexual offenders will usually admit or deny the accusation brought against them. Part of the clinical evaluation of sexual offenders often includes a phallometric test of sexual arousal using the penile plethysmograph. The penile plethysmograph measures the change in the circumference of the penis while the subject views sexually explicit photographic slides or listens to audio tapes depicting various sexual themes. It was hypothesized that those who admit the accusations made against them (admitters) will show more arousal to deviant plethysmographic stimuli than those who deny the accusations made against them (deniers). It was conversely hypothesized that deniers will show significantly more arousal to deviant stimuli than those who deny the accusations against them. Les difference was seen between admitters and deniers in age appropriate stimuli.


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