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Usefulness of Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory compared with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory with "chornically mentally ill"

1 April 1987


This study examines the usefulness of the MCMI with a psychosocially disabled group of Ss known as the "chronically mentally ill" (CMI) whose severe psychotic symptoms were stabilized (S-CMIs) at the time of testing. Performance on the MCMI was compared to performance on the MMPI in terms of the number of valid profiles obtained and sensitivity to clinically apparent psychopathology. The MCMI's capability to detect DSM-III, Axis II type codes (underlying psychopathology of personality) was also examined. The study additionally analyzed code types obtained on both tests descriptively for S-CMIs.

The results of a two-way analyses of variance indicated: a) a significantly higher number of MCMI valid profiles (94%) vs the number of MMPI valid profiles (79%); b) a significant fixed test effect in regard to the MCMI's sensitivity (94% true positive and 6% false negative) vs the MMPI's (73% true positive and 27% false negative) to the existing history of psychopathology; and c) the identification of significantly more Axis II type codes (95%) with the MCMI than the Axis I type codes (64%).

A descriptive analysis of the code types of each test showed 41% of the valid and positive MMPI profiles with affective components, and 30% with psychotic components. On the MCMI, the same analysis showed 40% of the profiles with affective and 24% with psychotic components of the Axis I type; and of the Axis II type codes, 48% with severe and 46% with mild and moderate personality disorders. Furthermore, the MCMI showed 94% true positive and 6% false negative vs the MMPI with 73% true positive and 27% false negative. The results and their implications for the use of the MCMI in assessment and treatment planning of the CMIs in general and the S-CMIs in particular, and suggestions for future research are discussed.


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