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Prevalence and expectations of congenital myopia

1 May 1994


A comprehensive literature search was conducted to provide an updated review of the incidence of myopia among newborns, and to give information on the likelihood of certain endpoints to the progression. Beginning with an etiological review to serve as a reference point, some of the most common theories are covered. The body of the thesis considers reviews of past works designed to determine prevalence of myopia of various age groups. The reviews are divided into 1) prevalence at birth, 2) prevalence up to school age, 3) prevalence through school years and beyond and 4) a review of progression and cessation literature. Tables from various authors are included to aid in a quick overview of the data compiled over the years. It is this author's conclusion that the final myopic cessation magnitude is dependent upon family history, the child's initial refractive error trend and a generalization that early high myopes progress rapidly and steadly to higher amounts.


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