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The Impact of Mirrors in Western Yoga Studios on Body Dissatisfaction and Mindfulness

1 January 2017


The term body image broadly encompasses one’s perception of their own appearance, and it is situated within the broader social context that is said to ‘create’ the standard of an ideal body (Grogan, 2008). One’s perception of their body also includes their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions of their body (Muth & Cash, 1997, p. 1438). Body image can also allude to one’s perception of various and isolated parts of one’s body, or an aggregated view of their appearance (Muth & Cash, 1997). Body image dissatisfaction is related to negative evaluations of body size, shape, muscularity/muscle tone, and weight, and it usually involves a perceived negative [emph. mine] discrepancy between a person’s evaluation of his or her body and his or her ideal body (Cash & Szymanski, 1995).


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