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The Effect of a Four-Week Bodyblade Training Protocol on Balance in Young Healthy Adults

1 May 1999


Postural control, or the ability to maintain center of body mass over a base of support is essential to maintaining balance. Recently, the Bodyblade®, a therapeutic tool claiming to enhance balance, was introduced to the market. The purpose of this study was to determine if a four week training protocol using the Bodyblade® would improve postural control. Eleven subjects between the ages of 22 and 45 were randomly placed into exercise and control groups. Each group was tested for postural sway in four stance positions on the Chattecx Balance System at the beginning and end of a four-week period. Exercise subjects followed a specific exercise protocol with the Bodyblade® during those four weeks. The results produced mean postural sway values of 11.06 (SO=1.47) pre-test and 11.44 (SO=2.1 0) post-test for control subjects. Exercise subjects produced means of 10.72 (SO=2.75), and 12.08 (SD= 1.59) over the same test period. With statistical significance set at p~0.05, a 2-Way Analysis of Variance for each test condition compared the control and exercise groups as well as pre-and post-tests. Statistical analysis produced no p-values less than 0.05; These results indicate that no significant balance improvements were made after the four week Bodyblade® protocol. However, further research is warranted into the benefits of the Bodyblade®.


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