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Discipline in the classroom: A qualitative inquiry

1 December 1993


Discipline in the classroom has been a topic of discussion for years. Most people are aware of the problems within our society that relate directly to a lack of discipline. Crime among children continues to rise, in the street and in the classroom. What is happening in our classrooms? Are the children learning discipline? Are the teachers teaching discipline? If the teachers are teaching discipline, what discipline model is used? Is one model more 1 effective than others? These are the questions that need to be answered. Both parents and teachers alike should be concerned with the type of discipline that occurs in the classroom. Only if the classroom environment is investigated can a determination be made about the extent of the discipline problem. It is important to understand the exact problem(s) that occur in the classroom before a solution can be sought. If the wrong questions are asked, the wrong solutions will be implemented.

This study explores the need for discipline in an elementary classroom, expecially for a beginning teacher. The most effective discipline models are discussed and evaluated. Observations and input by teachers, students and parents are used to verify the discipline model in one particular classroom.


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