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A comparison of the efficacy of digital versus Hydra-Mat II cleaning methods

1 May 1992


An in vitro comparison of the cleaning efficacy of the BARNESHIND ® Hydra-Mat® II system with the traditional digital massage method was performed using fifty Fluoroperm 60 lenses coated with a simulated tear mixture. This artificial tear film consisted of human albumin, lactoferrin, and lysozyme, and other constituents determined using FDA guidelines and other research describing human tear composition. Twenty four lenses were cleaned with the Hydra-Mat II system; and 24 using digital massage. Cleaning efficacy was measured by having masked observers rate both the cleaned lenses and photos of the same lenses. The digitally cleaned lenses were judged to be significantly cleaner than the lenses cleaned by the Hydra-Mat II (p=0.0075), although there appeared to be qualitative differences in the types of deposits left behind by the two methods.


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