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A reliability study of the MKM monocular - binocular reading test

1 January 1965


The MKM Monocular - Binocular Reading Test was designed by Dr. Leland Michael and Dr. James King, Optometrists, of Rapid City, South Dakota. In 1963 Dr. Michael and Dr. King conducted a study in the public school system of the aforementioned city involving the MKM Tests. The results of this study when statisticised, using the Chi-Square method, gave a 97.5 Confidence Factor. The conclusion of these men based on the confidence factor is that there was a definite difference between good and poor readers when te s ted with the MKM Monocular-Binocular Reading Test. As the reliability of this test had not been determined, it will be the purpose of this thesis project to conduct a reliability study on a test-retest basis.


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