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Attitudes toward physical activity of junior high and high school students in required physical education classes

23 February 1989


This study focuses on the attitudes toward phvsical activity of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade students enrolled in required physical education classes. Six hundred and thirty-nine students from the Hillsboro High School District In Oregon were selected using a random stratified clustering process. Attitudes were assessed relative to differences according to sex and grade level for seven subdomains of physical activity utilizing the Revised CATPA Inventory. A two-factor analysis of variance was performed using sex and grade level as the Independent variables. A generally positive attitude toward physical activity was found for both sexes. Significant (p < .05) differences in attitudes according to sex were found for the vertigo. ascetic. catharsis. aesthetic and social continuation subdomains. Males responded more positive for the vertigo and ascetic subdomalns and females responded more positive for the aesthetic catharsis and social continuation subdomains. The data also indicated an interaction effect for the aesthetic subdomain which prompted a one-way ANOVA on grade level. In addition to sex differences within this subdomain. females show a grade difference that males don't. Specifically seventh and eighth grade females responded significantly different than tenth grade females. The findings are discussed relative to similarities and differences from previous research. Also. factors for consideration in the development of a physical education curriculum are suggested.


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