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One Month Recidivism of Patients Released by the Crisis Triage Center after a Civil Hold by Police

1 August 2000


This study compares the demographic and clinical characteristics of different types of police referrals to a psychiatric emergency department. Additionally, of those released after being brought to the psychiatric emergency department on a hold by police, this study looks at the one-month recidivism of this sub-population.

In total, 263 subjects brought in by police over a seven-month period were studies. 164 (62.5%) were brought in under a Peace officer Custody. Of these, 45 (27.4%) were released. Twenty-eight (62.2%) were male and the average age was 26 years old. The most common diagnosis was a depressive disorder (28.9%).

Of those related, 9 (20%) became recidivists within one month. The recidivists accounted for an additional 16 visits and 37 phone contact within one month of their initial visit. Approximately two-thirds (66.7%) were male and the average age was 24 years old with 33.3% under the age of 18 years old. The most common diagnosis was Disruptive Behavior Disorder (33.3%).


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