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A case study: How a blind student is mainstreamed into a general classroom setting

1 January 1996


We are living in an ever changing world. A world where diversity and culture are changing before our eyes. Advances with visual disabilities and blindness have not been made in the schools and in education in general. Slowly, advances are being made to accommodate blind or visually impaired or blind students who are being placed into the general classroom setting, This qualitative study looks at the effectiveness and the implementation of a mainstreamed visually impaired student. These observations were done in a sixth grade classroom that contained a visually impaired student. I observed the curriculum of the student, the room configuration, and the peer interaction that was involved at the time of the observation. The findings indicated the mainstreaming of this student is successful measured through the beliefs of an important figure in the educational society, Jean Piaget. One should be cautious, however, in assuming that these findings will apply to all such cases. This is one example of successful mainstreaming of a visually impaired student into a general classroom setting.


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