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Parent/teacher partnerships

23 June 1993


This study took place in my second grade classroom during the 1992-1993 school year. It is a qualitative study on how parents and teachers can successfully work in partnership to enhance a child's educational experience. During the year I gave out pre- and post-partnership surveys to parents, I visited two families at home, I interviewed students, I provided evening classes for the parents with childcare available for the children, I held parent/teacher conferences twice, and I attempted to communicate regularly with the twenty-six families of my students.

It is difficult to assess what the long term effects of the partnership will have on these children or their families due to the fact that this study only observed the collaborative efforts of parents and teachers for one school year. What can be reported is this: Sixteen families attended at least one of the evening classes and responded very positively to the experience, students whose parents volunteered in the class said it was the best thing their parents did for them this school year, and I found it easier to meet the individual needs of my students because my relationship with their parents was active and open, and information was shared between us that benefited children.


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