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Evaluation of the mentor Guyton-Minkowski potential acuity meter

1 May 1984


The Mentor Guyton- Minkowski Potential Acuity Meter (PAM) is an instrument for measuring the retinal visual acuity behind ocular opacities. This paper evaluates the ease of operation and the accuracy of the findings of the PAM. Between November 12, 1983 and February 21, 1984, twenty-two patients were examined using the PAM prior to cataract removal. Ten patients were followed post- surgically and post-operative best visual acuity was compared to acuities predicted by the PAM. The PAM was more accurate with mild to moderate opacities, but may be used on dense opacities. The PAM was found to be easy to set up and operate, quick to perform, and easy to understand and relate the results.


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