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Video technology in the middle school classroom

1 December 1992


The qualitative study attempts to provide a picture of the current use of video technology at the middle school level. EIIiot Eisner's (1991) foundation of qualitative research has been the focus of this project. The conceptual framework of the research has been founded in John Dewey's (1938) work regarding providing experiences in education. With . a variety of sources, this study begins by reviewing the literature of video technology. Through observations of middle school classrooms, the questions are answered of: 1.) . What role does television and video technology play in the middle school classrooms? and 2.) How do students and teacher~ respond to television and video technology? The research reflects that there are many opportunities to effectively use television and video technology in the classroom. However, it was found that these opportunities are often missed and the result is ineffective or negative use of video technology in the classroom. It is the intent of this study and analysis to bring awareness to the misuses of video technology and offer educators with insight into positive video technology opportunities for the classroom.


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