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An Investigation of the Relationship Between External Rotation at the Shoulder Joint and the Velocity of the Baseball During the Pitch

1 May 1998


Although several kinesthetic elements are involved in pitching performance, little research has been done examining the role of external rotation at the, shoulder and it's possible correlation with velocity of the baseball. This study examines that relationship and other aspects of external rotation as it positively correlates to velocity of the pitch. Sixteen collegiate baseball pitchers were videotaped throwing three fastball pitches each and a digital analysis was performed. Results of this study found poor correlations between static external rotation and velocity, r = .26; dynamic external rotation and velocity, r = -.21, and between static and dynamic external rotation, r = -.29. Lastly, when correlating range of motion difference (subtracting static from dynamic external rotation values) and velocity, this also proved to have a poor correlation coefficient, r = -.29. Therefore, the poor correlations found in this study indicate there is no relationship between static or dynamic external rotation of the shoulder and velocity of the baseball during the pitch.


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