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Splendid Audacity: The Story of Pacific University

1 June 2000


Splendid Audacity, The Story of Pacific University draws us into the fabric of American history and the stories of the dreamers, pioneers, and visionaries who believed in preparing students to serve their changing society. Reading this story, we learn that Pacific University is linked through the founding Congregationalists to other significant colleges and universities in the United States, and to their legacy of excellence in liberal arts education.

Through the years, Pacific has been able to shape and focus its identity to include, within its core liberal arts heritage, the additional responsibility of preparing graduate professionals to work in the fields of health and education. Now, at the edge of the millennium, Pacific is a comprehensive university of almost 2,000 students, thriving as a connected and sustaining community.

The story of Pacific as researched and interpreted by our authors, Gary Miranda and Rick Read, demonstrates how Pacific maintained a sense of vigor and optimism despite many daunting challenges, and shows how it has gradually achieved a new level of maturity and self-confidence that will carry it through the next periods of transformation.

-from the President's Foreword


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Frontmatter, Foreword & Acknowledgements
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Act I: The House that Marsh Built (18405-1890)
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Act II: From College to University (1891-1945)
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