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A comparative evaluation of different models and brands of direct ophthalmoscopes and retinoscopes

1 May 1992


The purpose of this study was to compare the various ophthalmoscopes and streak retinoscopes currently available on the U.S. market. Subjective and objective tests were utilized to assess overall performance. Each instrument tested received a sub score based on performance in each of several subjective categories which were then combined to arrive at a total score. The instruments were then ranked from highest overall score to the lowest. The Keeler Vista 20 was the highest rated ophthalmoscope largely due to excellent optical clarity. The Vista was followed by the Keeler Specialist, Propper MMI, Neitz BX alpha, Welch Allyn 11730, Visuscope, Ri-Scope and Heine Autofoc 2. Of the pocket ophthalmoscopes tested the Keeler rated first again, followed by Neitz, Welch Allyn, Propper and Maylite. Streak retinoscopes evaluation placed the Neitz on top with the Welch Allyn prototype, Propper and Keeler units placing second, third and fourth.


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