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A preliminary assessment of Nikon's Retinomax, a new handheld autorefractor

1 May 1997


To assess the performance of the Nikon Retinomax, 61 normal eyes were refracted with a Nikon Retinomax, a Nidek AR-1100, static retinoscopy and a subjective refraction. The results of the Nikon Retinomax refractions were compared to the other methods. Compared to subjective refraction, the Retinomax refracted the sphere value to within ± 0.75D for 80% of subjects. The cylinder power (for subjects with cylinder >- 0.75D) was within ± 0.50D for 78% of subjects, and axis was within 15 degrees for 83% of these subjects. Snellen acuities for Retinomax generated refractions were 20/30 or better for 90% of subjects. The largest errors were found on those who where greater than -4.00 D. The Nikon Retinomax was found to be a clinically suitable substitute for retinoscopy and tabletop autorefractors.


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