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Biofeedback-enhanced vision training for strabismus

6 February 1981


It was the purpose of this study to explore the use of auditory biofeedback strabismus therapy prior to conventional visual therapy and to determine if a functional cure was possible with such a strabimnus therapy program. The results were that for five patients with a good prognosis for binocularity and regular attendance of training sessions, a functional cure was effected. For those patients with a poor prognosis for binocularity, the biofeedback portion of the therapy decreased the magnitude of the angle of deviation or taught ocular alignment, but did not appear to affect the sensory anomalies which prevented a functional cure. Those patients with anomalous angles, horror fusionis, deep amblyopia, deep eccentric fixation, and incomitancy had the same problems at both the beginning and the end of the study.


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