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First and second rib lesions in patients referred to physical therapy with neck and/or shoulder pain

1 May 1989


The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of rib lesions in patients with neck and/or shoulder pain. Particular emphasis was on first and second rib lesions. In addition, this study attempted to identify some of the characteristics associated with lesions of the rib. Patients were selected for the study groups based on the following criteria: 1) presence of neck and/or shoulder pain that can not be explained by a cervical rib; neoplasm; spinal, rib or other fracture; or Paget's disease, 2) the patients had to have their physical therapy evaluation performed between certain dates which place them into a first and second group. Two clinic's patient records were perused. One clinic had 37 records reviewed from the first group and 21 records reviewed for the final group. The other clinic contained 103 records in the first group and 101 records in the final group. A questionnaire was used to evaluate the records, retrospectively, of those patients that met the study criteria. Frequencies were determined and chi square analysis used to evaluate relationships between variables. Significance was determined by p values


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