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BE and Paragon's CRT; A comparison of two orthokeratology modalities

1 May 2004


Orthokeratology began in the 1960's. At first it was not reliable or reproducible. It is safer and more accurate with the use of better materials and manufacturing processes of today. Two modem modalities are compared. BE orthokeratology and CRT corneal refractive therapy. Both are proven ways to reduce myopia. Seven myopic optometry students were studied for four weeks. Each subject was fitted with CRT in one eye and BE in the other eye. Clinical findings were recorded one day, one week, two weeks, three weeks and four weeks after overnight wear. The average refractive error was -2.50 D. Thirteen of the fourteen eyes achieved 20/20 or better after four weeks. The clinicians have confidence in both modalities to successfully treat low to moderate myopia. Practitioners with little experience can achieve superior results with their patients if they follow the instructions from BE and CRT.


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