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An Examination of the Reliability and Factor Structure of the Mindfulness Process Questionnaire (MPQ)

1 July 2017


This study examined the factor structure and reliability of both a seven-item and eight-item Mindfulness Process Questionnaire (MPQ). The MPQ differs from other psycho logical measures of mindfulness in that it quantities the process of being mindful, rather than mindfulness as a state. Internal consistency estimates (i.e., C ronboch' s alphas) were examined across and within to determine the overall reliability of the MPQ. An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was utilized to assess the factor structure of the seven-item and eight-item MPQ. The results indicated that the two reverse scored items lowered the overall reliability; item seven and item two from the eight­item MPQ, and item two from the seven-item MPQ. The EFA suggested a two factor structure with the seven-item MPQ and a three factor structure for the eight-item MPQ.


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