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Scottish storyline: An integrative model for the elementary classroom

1 August 1996


The purpose of this study was to examine the Scottish Storyline model of curriculum integration. Specifically, this study focused on how the Storyline model is implemented at the elementary level. The basis for this study is a case study of a second and third grade blended classroom in the western United states.

This study arose out of my interest in integrated curriculum. I was first introduced to the Scottish Storyline Model during a teaching practicum. Interest in this topic also arose out of the minimal amount of research articles written on the Storyline model.

Scottish Storyline is an integrative model that is composed of three essential elements: setting, characters and events. Students create the setting and the characters themselves. The teacher'S role is to provide a framework in which the students can work. Also, the teacher is responsible for presenting students with key questions which they must answer within the context of the created setting and characters. The key questions follow a logical order and help create a story.


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