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Interprofessional Use of Story Exchanges for Developing Intercultural Understanding

25 January 2019


Storytelling can have profound implications for equity work through its ability to generate empathy, develop intercultural communication skills, and provide a creative lens for examining issues of power and privilege. In today’s diverse settings, professionals across disciplines need to be adept at intercultural communication. In this workshop, the facilitators will introduce Story Exchange, a method of interactive storytelling that has been used to develop empathy in school and community settings. We are interested in exploring whether this tool can help in developing deeper understanding of others’ experiences and increase awareness of the location and impact of identity, positionality, and intersectionality within personal and professional narratives. In small groups, participants will be asked to share a personal story related to identity, positionality, and/or intersectionality. We will debrief the story exchange process by asking participants to reflect on what was learned and how story exchange can be used as a tool for advancing equity and cultural responsiveness in professional practice. This workshop will benefit practitioners from various occupations and disciplines through introducing a tool that is accessible, adaptable, and engaging for encouraging inclusive practices and systemic change in schools, workplaces, and communities.


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