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The characteristics of students and classrooms in the interactive mathematics program

1 September 2005


The purpose of this study was to explore the attitudes and beliefs towards mathematics, and the profile of students who have experienced more than one year of the Interactive Math Program (IMP). In addition, the study looked for evidence of reform- based teaching in IMP classrooms. The study was conducted in a suburban community high school in Oregon. The study group consisted of two classes of the third year of the program and one class of the fourth year of the program. There were a total of 79 students, 51 were girls and 28 were boys. Data collected for this study included a survey of student attitudes and beliefs about mathematics, student achievement data related to the state's mathematics benchmark, and classroom observations of the teachers using an instrument designed to assess reform-based teaching practices. Results provided strong evidence that teachers were practicing reform-based teaching strategies, that 97% of the students met or exceeded the state's mathematics benchmark, and that students' attitudes toward their IMP math class was generally positive.


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