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Students at school: Students at work an educational criticism

1 December 1994


In today's world, material possessions appear to take precedence in many situations. People are constantly shopping to keep up with the latest fashions, automobiles and household appliances. As a result of this shopping frenzy, younger populations are being affected. People at younger ages are going to work to keep up with the status quo.

The following thesis is an educational criticism about high school students who work. The thesis looks at reasons why three high school students, Bill, May and Eve, are working as well as how their employment affects their school work. The research was completed over a six. month period in Western Oregon.

With the increased rate of after-school employment, it is important that people are aware of the effects employment has on high school students. The purpose of this thesis is to inform students, teachers, parents and administrators about the implications of youth employment so that educated decisions can be made.


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