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The effects of implementing a speed training program in a physical education setting

13 July 2001


The purpose of this qualitative study was to answer the following research questions: 1) How can speed training be implemented in the physical education setting? 2) What type of impact will it physically have on students, especially those less physically mature? 3) What methods of speed training should be incorporated into a program? 4) How do coaches feel about the speed­ training program being implemented in a PE setting? 6) How will it affect speed and quickness of those students participating in the program? This study took place in a small rural high school located in the Pacific Northwest. The participants in this study were freshman in high school. Information will be gathered through a variety of methodological approaches including observations, interviews and written survey. In order to protect the participants' right to privacy and anonymity, pseudonyms were provided for all participants in this study.


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