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Degree of variability between the right and left temporomandibular joints in normal subjects

1 May 1988


Temporomandibular (TM) joint properties were examined in 60 normal subjects who did not suffer from tempromandibular joint dysfunction. Normative values for TM joint sounds, TM joint temperature, degree of interincisal opening, level of stress is measured by Holmes and Rahe's Social Readjustment Rating Scale, and masseter muscle electromyographic activity at rest and during a stressful activity were obtained. In addition, the normal degree of variability between left and right TM joints with regard to joint sounds, temperature, and EMG activity was ascertained. The research findings indicated a considerable variability among normal subjects with respect to TMJ properties; however, on intrasubject measures of joint sounds, joint temperature and EMG activity, this data indicated that a certain degree of asymmetry between joints may exist in nonpathological subjects. In addition, all of the TM joint properties studied were related significantly to at least one other joint property.


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