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The challenges of classroom management

1 January 1996


This project is the synthesis of many different theories on discipline and classroom management. In researching this topic, there were literally dozens of theories On this topic and one of the greatest accomplishments for me was to sort through these and determine which I wanted to include in this project. I want to add that the theories that I have chosen only reflects a sampling of the theories that exist.

I chose the topic of classroom management because of its relevance and importance to my future career as an educator. Dr. James Dobson says, "It has been estimated that 80 percent of the teachers who quit their jobs after the first year do so because of an inability to maintain discipline in their classroom" (Dobson, 1972, p. 98). Not only does this statistic surprise me, it alarms me. I don't want to become a part of this statistic, but I do want future educators, ' like myself, to be aware of this. Classroom management plays such an important role in the everyday running of a classroom.

Going into my placement school, I was specifically looking at: 'What role does communication play in successful classroom management?'; more specifically: 'What role does the teacher play in creating and enforcing effective classroom management?' and 'What role do the students play in creating and maintaining effective classroom order?'

This collection of my observations describes what I experienced in my first grade placement. It was an experience unique to me and to this group of students. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the helpful staff at Moore Elementary School, a school in which the management of its students is one of the most important concerns. The faculty and staff made this a relatively easy project to complete. I have been able to combine this experience that I had with my mentor teachers with my own previous classroom experience to develop my own theory about classroom management.

Consistency, clarity, and clear communication from day one are the best ways to establish effective classroom management. It is my hope that those who read my research project will be able to see what I saw and feel what I ·felt. What I observed has changed my life and I hope that others may discover the importance of this powerful subject.


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