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Learning disabled children and peer acceptance

15 December 1992


This study focused on learning disabled students and peer acceptance by the non-learning disabled students. Three seventh grade students were observed for a month in an English and social studies classroom. In addition, two teachers were interviewed, who interacted with these students. Based on current studies and my observations, this study found that non-LO students accepted their LO peers by helping them and treating with the learning disabled student like any other person. In addition~ this study found that the way non-LO students did .. Rot accept the LD student was by isolating him or her. It was also found that LD students who were accepted had a special talent were internally ,motivated or had developed social skills. LO students were not accepted because of the lack of social skills physical impairment, low academic achievement, and/or negative attitude.

Therefore, teachers are encouraged to encourage social acceptance in the classroom, through one on one learning and interaction, cooperative learning, grading on effort, and provide a variety of assignments for the student.


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