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Project Greenskate: How does it meet the needs of today's students?

11 July 2000


The purpose of this qualitative research study was to determine to what extent a computer-based instructional program called "Project Greenskate" meets the motivational, technological and learning needs of today's students. This study took place in a suburban community high school in Oregon. The study group consisted of 17 ninth-grade students in an integrated science class. Information was gathered through a survey conducted prior to using the computer-based instructional program, and from a post-survey at the end of the unit. Additional data was gathered through a group student interview and by interviewing a teacher who had previously used the program. My research showed that this CBI program maintained the motivation of students and was effective as an information source, although more so for students who are visual learners. Few students improved their computer skills. However, student achievement was good in general with the use of this technological resource.


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