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Comparisons of strength gains utilizing the Tummy Trainer® and an abdominal curl up

1 May 1995


Abdominal Exercises are very popular in fitness training and sports. The implications for strong abdominal musculature in providing trunk support and preventing spinal injuries continues to motivate individuals to pursue exercise protocols that maximize abdominal strengthening. Abdominal strengthening programs may focus on eccentric and/or concentric muscle contractions. This study compared the effectiveness of a device that utilizes eccentric abdominal training with the effectiveness of a predominantly concentric abdominal training program. The results showed that a significant increase in strength gains occurred with both exercise protocols (p=0.0001). However, there was no significant difference in strength gains between exercise groups (p=0.661). According to this study, it appears that both eccentric and concentric abdominal training protocols are effective methods for gaining strength.


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