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The Effect of Motivational Interviewing on Improving Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Diseases

23 May 2009


Based on the evidence from the research reviewed, we recommend including MI as an adjunct to physical therapist and patient interactions to enhance lifestyle changes. Motivational interviewing would be useful in treating patients 18 years or older with a diagnosis within a specific spectrum of chronic diseases. These diagnoses included cancer survivors, pre-diabetes, obesity, Type II diabetes, CAD, and CHF. The research supports delivering a minimum dosage of 120 minutes of contact time focusing on patient generated goals and problem solving to modify risk through lifestyle changes. The addition of MI is of minimal cost and can result in clinically significant increases in physical activity, weight management, quality of life measures, and treatment attendance. Further research is indicated to tailor MI to more ethnically and culturally diverse populations and to determine if MI has equal effectiveness when provided integrated within a physical therapy program.


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