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Effect of laptop computer games on vision

1 May 2005


Prolonged near work has been proposed to cause nearwork-induced transient myopia (NITM), a form of temporary nearsightedness. Although NITM has been demonstrated in other nearpoint tasks, this effect has never been studied in laptop computers. This study looked at the effects on refractive condition and visual acuity after playing a computer game on a laptop computer for 90 minutes. This task simulates real-world conditions. A Grand Seiko WR-5100K was used to take pre- and post-task refractive state measurements. Visual acuity was also assessed pre- and post-task. Overall, an initial myopic shift of 0.120 was noticed, with a return to baseline by 30 seconds post-task. A loss of visual acuity with magnitude 0.1 LogMAR was noted immediately post-task with a return to baseline accompanying the refractive state return to baseline. These findings suggest prolonged laptop usage in a real-world environment causes transient blur and brief NITM.


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