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Comparison of anti-mydriatic effects and patient comfort fo the recommended and reduced doses of Rev-Eyes (0.5% dapiprazole HCL)

1 May 1993


The effect on reversal of dilation of two different doses of REV-EYES (dapiprazole HCI), the recently introduced anti-mydriatic, was investigated in this study. The manufacturer's recommended dose, and exactly half that dose were compared in a double masked crossover study design. Subjects were dilated with 2.5% phenylephrine and 1% tropicamide. The pre and post dilation variables examined were near and far visual acuity, accommodative amplitude, pupil diameter, subjective symptoms, conjunctival injection, and corneal epithelial integrity by fluorescein staining. The 60 subjects that participated ranged in age from 21 to 67 years (mean = 28.6 years), in eye color (32 light and 28 dark), and in refractive status (11 emmetropes, 42 myopes, and 7 hyperopes). The results demonstrated that the half dose was functionally equivalent to the full dose in reversing the effects of dilation with fewer subjective symptoms of discomfort. No dependent relationship was found between iris color and the two different doses of REV -EYES.


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